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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Malayalam Movie Kayam Review

Movie Name :Kayam
Director :- Anil
Producer :- Haridas Subhash
Lyrics,Script:- Viju Ramachandran
Cast:- Manoj K.Jayan, Bala, Aparna Nair, Sweta Menon, Kottayam Nazeer, Anil Murali, Subair, Asokan, Aniyappan, Seema G. Nair

Director Anil has created a film which brings audience to a rustic small village were development hasn’t shown its face. The feel is similar to an island, where the wind blew always and surrounded by forest and deep waters, a place far away from anywhere.
Kayam is the story of a woman, Thamara who lost everything in her life and is on her quest for love. Her beauty is her bane. She represents the ordinary woman who asks at a point ‘does she suffer because she is a woman?’ The best part in the film is post interval. Audience catches a flavor of Bharathan films at many points. Scenes taken in water have a special sensation. Audience would sink into the atmosphere created in the movie. The kabadi tournament is something novel to Malayalees.
Acting performances are exceptional especially from Shwetha Menon. She is an actress who carries the personality through out the film.
From the day Sargam released, Manoj K Jayan has been typecasted as an eccentric. Even when he gets normal characters a trifle of eccentricity comes up. But it has proved beneficial for this movie. Seems G. Nair is impeccable for delivering pages and pages of dialogues while her acting remains more or less the same. Chembil Asokan as Ramappan was a good find. Anil Murali in the role of villain is alright. Aniyappan haven’t been able to do more than what he regularly does. Aparna as Bala’s love interest is ok. Bala flaunts his large biceps in every other scene and has acted very well in this film.
Cinematography by Sadath proves that he is a promising cameraman for Malayalam film to look after. Viewers won’t believe that the breath taking visuals seen on screen are from Palaghat. No wonder he is such a sought after cameraman outside India. More moving shots would have immensely enriched the beauty. P C Monahan’s editing is clever but color correction needed a bit more care, it’s inconsistent.
Story by Viju Ramachandran is entangled with love, sex and betrayal. Scenes are tight and don’t leave space for an undesirable character. The movie races towards the culmination and viewers won’t feel 2 hours have passed. Dialogues are natural and less, though the climax is predictable. Songs are written by Viju Ramachandran himself.
The element which attracts audience to theatre is Shwetha’s oomph factor. Though the film has 2-3 scenes which are suggestive, family audiences need not have to stay away.
The background music which has to bind the entire film is a failure. More hours in sound design would have made the film an experience. Dubbing is fine.
Anil has proved again to be the magician of small films who considers producer’s point of view and knows the limitation of Malayalam films. The producer, distributor and theaters will be very happy with their investment. In less than a week, the film will make profit.

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