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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Metro: Review

Director: Vyasan Edavanakakd
Cast: Sarath Kumar, Nivin Pauly, Bhavana, Bhagath, Beyon, Arun, Suraj Venjarammoodu, Suresh Krishna, Nishanth Sagar, G K Pillai, Jagathy Sreekumar, Shammi Thilakan, Sadiq, Anil Murali
Producer: Dileep
The Metro directed by Bipin Prabhakar deals with three different happenings which finally get converged into the main thread.The main focus is the coldblooded murder of a young politician, then a brawl at a restaurant that turns ugly and finally, a five member group of youngsters who becomes part of the muddle just by chance.CI Jacob Alexander (Sarath Kumar) is all set to capture dreaded don Paruthikkadan Shaji (Suresh Krishna), who killed a young politician Jaimy Padamadan.Meanwhile five youngsters led by Harikrishnan (Nivin Pauly), who has come from the Gulf on a vacation, goes for a trip from Thiruvilwamala to Pala. While having food at a restaurant, they save a techie named Anupama (Bhavana), from a gang who tries to run away with her bag. Later, the boys have a nice time in Pala but on the way back, things go horribly wrong, when some unexpected happenings change their lives forever.
Sarath Kumar appear totally out of place and Bhavana is wasted with not much to do.Nivin Pauly and Bhagath are once again convincing, but Arun and Beyonne doesn’t have the lines to make an impact. Suraj Venjaramoodu has a better role than his recent outings while Sureshkrissna sleepwalks as the goonda leader. The rest of the cast have not much to do.Vyasan Edavanakkad’s script takes some sweet time, especially in the first half, to find its focus.Sree Sreeram’s camerawork is striking at places. Mahesh Narayanan has also applied sharp scissors in the later half, though the former half appears a little drag and animated, all through. Shan Rehman’s music is sloppy, although the background score is alright
On the whole,’The Metro’ fails to hook your attention.It could have been done much better.

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