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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sonam Kapoor In Thank You

Raj, Yogi and Vikram are best friends, business partners, and serial womanisers.
They are also happily married! Happy, because their wives have no clue that they cheat on them with every pretty young thing they lay their eyes on.

This 'perfect' world is rocked when Raj's wife, Sanjana, begins to suspect her husband and hires the suave private detective, Kishan, to follow him.

Kishan has built his reputation as a man who saves marriages by getting erring husbands to mend their ways.
In this particular case, however, his overwhelming attraction towards Sanjana means he may not be acting in her best interest!
What follows is a crazy cat-and-mouse game, with Kishan trying to catch the husbands with their pants down and them attempting to stay out of his grasp.

This laugh-a-minute comic caper will have you in splits, continuing with the signature comic style you have come to expect from the makers of No Entry, Welcome and Singh Is Kinng.

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