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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kareena Kapoor Hot Exposed In Saree Photos

Bollywood actresses to bend down now or take a back seat in any area of their work and they would shun you by their acts! That’s just what is happening with Kareena Kapoor too who decided to execute her own stunts… so what if she gets a sprained neck while shooting for Agent Vinod where she is starring alongside beau Saif Ali Khan.

Bebo plays a role that has grey shades and will be doing her own stunts for the first time. She had to eject from a helicopter using a harness and fire guns while at it. She fell from the harness at some distance from the ground, spraining her neck

Now, Kareena is recovering from the neck sprain by applying pain relievers and ointments. But the lady is undeterred after the incident. Kareena says she never imagined that she would enjoy doing stunts so much.

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