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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kareena's new skin show fundas

No more bikinis onscreen. No shedding weight for the screen too. Sexy? Surely. Kareena Kapoor's new found philosophy spells it outright with a difference.

 Though, Bebo can hardly shrug off the 'sexy' tag... she'd gleefully prefer to be termed 'glam.' Word has it that KK turned a crimson shade of red when a young group of girls sent her notes saying they found her sexy, during her filming stint for 'Bodyguard' on a college campus.

 KK, who's been voted 'Bollywood's sexiest woman' by a leading fanzine, has decided that though she's decidedly sizzling in a bikini, she's simply not comfortable with the 'sexy tag'.

 The actress, who made size zero a national obsession states in a tabloid quote, "I'm still thin, but no longer stick thin and that works well for me. Let the other heroines lose weight now, since I've decided that I'm never going to wear a bikini ever again onscreen."

Clarifies KK swiftly, "But I don't think that the role will actually be developed along those lines."

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