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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shalani Tharaka : Selvam Movie photos

Shalani tharaka 2007 sirasa kumariya and api api wage tele dram's main actress..
She is one of the famous and most beautiful upcoming female actress in Sri Lanka. She is very young actress and she has very cute face.Now she is becoming grate star of big screen television in the field of Tele Dramas.

She is doing a main role in selvam movie direct by sanjaya leelarathna.

"Selvam" an epic tale brought to life for the international stage in true cinematic excellence of a selfless hero in uniform with a heart of a lion and a beautiful soul freeing a nation in turmoil!! Its a journey of a soldier, after freeing his mother land that he so loves and cherishes, sacrificing life, limb and loved ones, still continues his sacrificed life by now winning the hearts and minds of the people once oppressed. So future generations can live in peace and harmoning. 

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